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Tilt Vision, an Entertainment Website which is backed by professional, talented and passionate team. Tilt Vision Team has designed some interesting programs which will be online shortly, we have a team which is working hard to make sure that the programs and concepts can be converted to reality and most of them are in process.

Internet television (otherwise known as Internet TV, or Online TV) is the digital distribution of television content via the Internet. It should not be confused with Web television - short programs or videos created by a wide variety of companies and individuals, or Internet protocol television (IPTV) - an emerging internet technology standard for use by television broadcasters. Some Internet television is known as catch-up TV. Internet Television is a general term that covers the delivery of television shows and other video content over the internet by video streaming technology, typically by major traditional television broadcasters. It does not describe a technology used to deliver content 2011 Statistics shows that 72 Million Internet Users has been watching the Internet TV, which is 39% of all the internet users in the world. Local TV limits your company and your product to your own country mostly or some other countries where that channels broadcast, with Internet TV your company is exposed to the whole world with lesser cost.

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Tilt Vision

  1. Talent Hunt
  2. Fashion Freek
  3. Gulabi Cheeta ( comedy play)
  4. Live Concerts ( Various Artist)
  5. Gate of Knowledge (Quranic Studies)
  6. Woh !! (horror drama serial)
  7. Jugal Bandi ( musical Drama )